Bird Exclusions

There are many different ways to remove birds from your building.  Some are more effective than others and depending on your structure we will try to use the best application for your needs.  The following are a few of the ways we will resolve your problem. 


all-stainless spikes

All stainless.  A more expensive spike that is almost invisible and very flexible.  Can be formed and shaped over arches and other ornate shapes. 


semi-stainless spikes

Stainless barrier with a plastic base.  These barriers are less expensive than spikes but have the same flexibility to be used in various structural locations.  

Bird Deterrents

plastic spikes

All plastic bird deterrent strips.  An inexpensive plastic that is great for straight ledges.  Very effective in deterring pigeons from landing and roosting.  This plastic spike will not yellow or become brittle over time like some other plastic spikes will which is especially important in the ever changing Chicagoland seasons. 

Gutter Spikes

gutter spikes1

If you have a problem with pigeons hanging on your gutters this is a great solution to keep them from roosting.  These gutter spikes are all stainless steel. 


net zippers

Bird netting is a very effective way to exclude all birds from an enclosed or semi-enclosed area.  Netting is made from polyethylene twine and is installed over aircraft type cable.  This netting comes in three colors: black, stone, and translucent.  Zippers can be installed to give access to light fixtures, hvac equipment, etc. 

Geese Repellents

Birds geese on residential lawn

We utilize a taste repellent which gets applied to grassy areas where geese are grazing.  This repellent is sprayed on the grass making the area unpalatable to the geese without hurting them.    Because the repellent is makes the grass unappetizing to the geese they typically leave the area treated.  This product is non-toxic and very effective.


Avitrol is a poison used to control birds.  This is sometimes the only solution and is generally done on a monthly basis for a set period of time.  Pre-baiting for a few days, then adding Avitrol to the bait is the common procedure when utilizing this method of removal.  We are required to stay and watch for falling dead birds and removing the carcasses and remaining poison on each application. 

Birds Pigs on shed roof

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