Residential & Multi-Unit Pest Control

With our history of servicing apartment buildings and condominium units for the past 30 years we have come to know many of the pest issues that effect Management companies and their Tenants. Many of our customers are Management companies, Property Owners and Condominium Boards. Chicagoland Pest Services INC will make the job of exterminating as simple as possible by giving you the best products and information.

Appartment complex

Types of Communities:


  • Condominum and Apartment Buildings
  • Townhome Associations
  • Single Family Housing Subdivisions
  • Retirement Communities
  • Residential CO-OPS

Some of the pest control materials used:

  • A gel material is used for roaches and other crawling insects, lasting approximately three months depending on the amount of infestation.
  • Spraying is used in areas not accessible for applying gel.
  • A granular bait is used in basements for its effectiveness especially in wet areas.
  • Our rodent baits are of high quality that won’t become moldy or break down.
  • Different types of baits and spray chemicals are changed often, keeping pests from becoming immune to any products.

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