Exterior Perimeter Power Spraying

residential exterior perimeter power spraying pest controlPerimeter power spraying covers larger areas quicker, safer and more through than other treatments. We will apply the material with a moderate pressure spray unit to the exterior of the building. The material is applied approximately 3 feet up the building wall and 6 feet away from the foundation.

This type of treatment can control a wide range of ground invaders such as: ants, earwigs, ground beetles, crickets, pill bugs, sow bugs, centipedes, and fleas to name a few. It does not take the place of interior treatments, but it will reduce the amount of material and time to control invading pests inside.

We can also treat for bees, wasps, and yellow jackets by spraying under the eves and soffits where these pests like to build their nest.

  • harmful pest throughout the summer.
  • A fall power spray treatment will prevent invading ground pests from entering the building as the weather becomes colder.

The material that is used in this treatment is not harmful to any plants, pets or people. Generally the surface will dry within a few hours.

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